Why They Offer Free spins slots

The online slots industry is a thriving industry.  Beginning in 1996 with the first playing slots site, there are now hundreds of online slot site for the enjoyment of their members.  These online slots playing establishments operate in a competitive industry and are profit-oriented firms.  This means that they must be concerned with costs and revenues just as other companies must.  The nature of the online slots industry is that each customer generates a small revenue stream for the business, so the firm needs large numbers of customers in order to generate respectable revenues.  Businesses look for way to grow their active customer base.  They not only need to attract new customers to their business, they also need to limit the turnover of current players.  The slots site management does not want to see its players jump to another site in response to a good offer.  They must make their slots site as appealing and thrilling as possible in order to achieve their goal.

The online slot site can attract new players in different ways.  One of the clearest ways to advertise, if it is legal.  The slots establishment can run adverts in media like television, radio, newspapers, etc.  In countries, like the United Kingdom there are restrictions on advertising by online slot sites.  The authority in which they are licensed must conform to the government standards and be included on the White List.  The adverts of the firm must also conform to the standards of the government or they will be dragged.  The value of advertising is that it reaches a large segment of the population, promotes the brand name, provides information about the online slot site, and attracts potential customers to the website.

Once at the slot site, the potential member is offered a welcome bonus as an inducement to join.  The welcome bonus is a prevalent practice in the online slots industry and usually consists of a specified amount of free slots and a match deposit bonus up to a stated amount.  The free spins slots may be given before or after the initial deposit.  If it is given before Feature Articles, the purpose is to let the player try the online slot site.  The welcome bonus is one of the most effective marketing tools the slots operator has.

Offering free spins slots to existing players is a good way of promoting customer loyalty and making the player feel more interested and excited about playing at the online slot site.  Free slots makes the site more appealing for both new and existing players and benefits both the site operator and the player.