The Life And Times Of A Final Game Player

I graduated from the nursery of enjoyable rounds to a new way of life called maturity. The tension has not changed much, because I’m watching the wheels go around and around. It’s the spin that still makes me dizzy with excitement and anticipation.

I lean back in my chair and car with a sharp eye on the slot rolls waiting at all times, waiting for that big single spin that is a gambler aphrodisiac. Just like the runner waiting around the track to reach his goal.

The non-gambler does not get it as they tell me to waste my time. They offer me an alternative and say that if I really want to hit it, do it the old way and earn it. All the time they drive around and around with no specific place to go.

Some people think I’m crazy and it’s all an illusion. They give me all the standard warnings, giving me all kinds of advice. All the while they shake their heads against me, like the smoke rings of their cigarette, go round and round up into empty space.

My name is a dreamer, just mad and trapped in a chance that I could play the fair instead. They look at their bank accounts up and down and spread it around and around in a market that drops all their investments.

If I say I would not be happier, they look at me in disbelief. Instead, they are sure I’m not happy because I’m not playing the right game anymore. Oh, they’re still walking around and around me like I’m clarifying.

I am in full synchronization and harmony like the hands on the clock that rotate around and around, Mother Earth as she turns on her axis and melodies that run on the record player. If I spin do not leave me because it’s a ride where a real gambler wants to be.

I’m just watching the roles go around and around, I really like the way they roll. Do not drive on the happy round, I just had to let it go.

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