The History of historic Casino Games


In human nature there must be impressive that craves the thrill of gambling. How else could we describe the fact of that games of chance have been found in every culture, in every century, from Ancient Egypt and China to the Roman Empire to the 21st-century online casino.  History of casinos games is therefore a long and attractive one.

The Little House of Gaming

“Casino” Words should comes from the Italian for “little house.” little house originally referred to a small pavilion located on the grounds of a large villa. The little house was used for parties that featured music and dancing and socializing and, sometimes, games of chance. Over the course of time, the games became the leading feature of the casinos and the little house grows into a big gambling club.

The opening of modern casino as we know it was established at Monaco and there still a center for gambling today, in 1861. The Casino gambling for real money became legal in the UK in 1960, although this did not prevent large numbers of British citizens from continuing to travel to Europe to enjoy the casinos there.

In united state gambling for real money has been legal on and off for centuries. The primary gambling laws there were approved in the 1600s, even though games of possibility had already been part of the traditions of the American Indians for long before that. State of Nevada in 1931 the legalized gambling, which led to the establishment of Las Vegas as the city of casinos. The Foxwoods casino in the state of Connecticut has 6,000 slot machines and 350 gaming tables. The “little house” is not so little anymore.

The History of Slot Machines


The historic slot machine was made by a mechanic named Charles Fey in California in the 1890s. He called his slot machine the Liberty Bell, but the slot machine became popularly known as the One-Armed Bandit. Over time, the slot machine developed with more reels and pay lines, more interesting themes and symbols, and more sophisticated technology as the random number generator eventually replaced the mechanical reels. All of this development culminates in the beginning of the online slot machine in the 1990s, closely a century after the discovery of the Liberty Bell. The development of online slots, in turn, led to the creation of its cousin, online video poker. In fact the stories are far from over, as newer, better, and more exciting online slot games are still being created every month.

History of Card Games


The Modern game cards as we know them today were modified by the French in the 1300s. These cards were modified from ideas that were picked up in Central Asia and the Arab countries. French dignity was known to play game cards with pictures of Napoleon and other emperors on them. Originally cards had totally different pictures on them from what they have today, and were carved from wood. The French are responsible for give the card suits — spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. From the cards developed games such as Poker and Blackjack. Blackjack is considered to be a later version of a game known as Trente et Un, which, in order to win, the player needed to get as close to the number 31 (Trente et Un) as possible. From the Trente et Un came Vingt et Un which is French for 21. Other variations of this game developed over the years, but the game that remained the most popular in its many versions is blackjack or, as the English named it, pontoon.

Poker as named by the French was developed from the Persian game of “As Nas”. Poker developed and spread across the continents through the years to become one of the most popular casino games today.

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