Getting Started With Online Casino & Mobile Bingo

Getting Started With Online Casino & Mobile Bingo

The game of bingo has a glorious past. The game was first originated in the 16th century in Italy. However, since its inception, the game has never gained the popularity that it has today. Today, millions of online bingo players have been register on various desktop and mobile bingo sites across the world. Convenience and comfort are the two most admired features of online bingo.

Understand the Basics First of Online Casino & Mobile Bingo

Online bingo has given players different variants to play. Mostly, you can find 90ball, 75ball, 80ball, and 30ball bingo at online bingo sites. However, the classic and the most popular variant is still 90ball. It remains the most commonly played. It includes drawing balls randomly ranging from 1-90.

  • Bingo Cards: To win the game of bingo players must have at least one bingo card, including three columns and nine rows respectively. Every column of the card consists of 5 bingo numbers and 4 empty spaces.
  • Drawing the Ball: After assigning the respective card, is a ball is randomly drawn. And if it appears on your cards, you need to mark it.
  • Bingo Pot: The amount collect by selling the tickets goes into a Bingo Pot, which is then distribute among winning players.

Getting Started With Online Casino & Mobile Bingo

How to Play Online Casino & Mobile Bingo?

Follow the below guidelines to learn how to play bingo straightaway.

  • Register with a Bingo Site: Sites offering free credits or bonus codes are recommended for starters helping players in learning new games without risking funds. You need to then register and open an account on the same to get started.
  • Transfer Funds into Your Account: You need to transfer funds into the account if you are playing bingo for real cash. You can choose to transfer funds into your account from any of the available payment methods offered by online casino and bingo sites. The most common payment methods are Cards, E-wallets, Wire transfers, PayPal, etc.
  • Visit the Desired Virtual Bingo Lobby and Play: Once you have chosen a bingo variant to play, you need to check the schedule of the room and the time at which the game will be held. You can start playing immediately by visiting the bingo rooms and ‘enter’ the room you like.
  • Check the Pricing of Tickets and the Jackpot Amount: Jackpot amount varies with the number of players in-game at the time of day. This information can prove helpful in receiving high returns on your tickets.
  • Accumulate Your Winnings with Online Casino & Mobile Bingo: Sit back and pay attention when the caller reads out the numbers and ensure you didn’t miss winning any jackpot. In case you win, the amount will be automatically credited to your account.


The online bingo game is so popular,  because it becomes easy for players to socialize and enjoy the fun of bingo halls right on their laptops or smartphones. The chat room feature also helps new players to improvise their gaming skills by exchanging strategies. But don’t forget the best offers come from trusted sites that require proper research. And picking a mobile bingo site will amplify your comfort and convenience to play online bingo.

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