How to Play New Slot Machines Games

Slot Machine

Earlier the players who used to play slot machines were consider second-class citizens and were victims of small jackpots, awful payout percentages, and weren’t illegible for free rooms, shows, etc. However, from the past few years, things have changed and so does the casino industry.

Now, 70percent of the total casino revenues come because of slot machines, and sometimes the percentage goes up to 80. It is so because casino beginners find slot machines simple and easy to play. All they have to do is drop some coins and push the button. Moreover, the bonuses and jackpots offered by slot machines are mind-blowing for the players.

About How to Play New Slot Games Machines

However, the most frequent question is about how to play slot machines. The highly popular slot machines are penny or nickel video games that come with a quarter or dollar reel-spinning games. There are also video games in denominations like 2-cent, quarter, 10-cent, plus reel spinners for $100. Most slot machines have currency acceptors where the player only has to slide a bill in the machine and further will receive the amount of credit shown on a meter.

To play reel-spinning slots, all you have to do is go for the button saying ‘play on credit’ till you reach the number of coins you are willing to play. Later press the ‘spin reels’ button. This way you will be able to play the highest coins allowed on that slot machine.

In the case of video slots, the player has to hit on the button so that the paylines a player wants get activate. Plus, hit on the second button for the number of credits wagered. However, the shared configuration of video slots has 9paylines where the player can bet 1-5 credits. On the other hand, video slots can be play with 50, 20, 15, 25, or 5 paylines.

Slot Machine

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About Reel-Spinning New Slot Games Machine Payout Line

There are a lot of reel-spinning slot machines that are know to have one payout line paint. Whereas, other machines have 3 payout lines or 5 payout lines depending on the coins played. The symbols when stopped in the payout line decide whether the player wins or not. The usual set of symbols can be cherries, bars, triple bars, or even sevens.

On the contrary, video slots represent five-reel spinning on the screen. The paylines are run straight on the screen and also in V’s, upside-down V’s, as well as zigs and zags on the screen. Video slots have almost five paylines that are up to 50 lines. Moreover, video slots have bonus rounds for the players and ‘scatter pays’. These bonuses can be in form of free spins on new slot games number or second screen bonus for example jackpot party.

After the player gets a winning combination on the screen, his winning is add to the credit meter. If you are interest to collect the winning shown on the screen then you can hit the ‘cash out’ button and the cash will be redeemed. Otherwise, in self-effacing machines, the coins are go down in the tray.


Playing slot machines are super simple and bring in a lot of fun and excitement. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, slot machines are by far the best casino game. Moreover, it is the best casino game where you can win big by investing less.