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I know right aside that there are those that are going to read the title of this work and like a shot go into their tirades about how I do not know what I am talking about, how I am trying to defraud people, and how they are quite sure that there is no way to beat the slots. Do you remember who those people are?

They are, merely put, the losers. I am not saying that in a personal good sense. I mean it literally. They are the amateur or inveterate gamblers. And you must conceive this; although they are convinced that there is no way to flap the slots, new slot sites UK no deposit required they continue to play! Like I said losers.

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I play because I know there is a way to stay leading of the slots. Now that makes much more sense, does not it? And for those that reason that there is no way to win, in a sense, they are right. There is no way for them to win. They will continue on with their losing habits and methods and go right on losing, and then tell me that I cannot win. Well I do not use those same methods and losing behaviors that would cause me to be among the gamblers.

So I let them carry on and I laugh at them. I laugh because I do not have to really win over anyone of anything. I know what I know and those that prefer to listen to me will also become winners. Those that do not hear, and those that derision me and contend against my methods and ideas, will continue to be losers. With that said, let me hold you a little background…

uncalled for to say, I started keeping mental notes of what I was beholding and started to explicate all UK slot sites online free what would become my “Betting for Profit” method. I did not want to call it “a system” because systems simply do not work. In my time in the slots, I probably saw every system there is, in every game.

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There were the all new slot sites players with the little note pads, scribbling down numbers furiously after every curl, the card counters in all new slot, the site-setters in craps. Do you know what we did when we saw a slot machine? We laughed! Slots loves by the  system gambler.

Let me say this right now and get it over with. Anyone that tries to convince you that they have a winning system in any of the games is scamming you, best free online slots with bonuses or is simply delusional.

Yes, I beat the slots and still extend to do so, when I play. I don’t play much any longer though. I find that it is much easier, and quieter, to sell my methods alternatively. I do not much care for slots.

I imagine I just fagged too much time in them. Likewise, it is just as rewarding for me to find out all of the achiever stories from my very satisfied readers.